Saturday, 15 September 2012


This post is a shout out to the 114th Follower of the Pulp Citizen blog (by the current totals - I think I lost one along the way several months ago...) - elquintodestino.

As always I am both flattered and encouraged by anyone taking the time to sign up so a big thanks to elquintodestino and as ever to everyone who stops by.

On the Pulp City front I have started painting some Ninjas and a Sensei to accompany them; I also have taken receipt of my Magic Water to finish off those giant Tokens I previewed. I have at least one more interview tentatively lined up as well. We continue to play-test the existing line of Supremes as they are updated for the upcoming revised rules. There are more and more new Supremes on the horizon which sees the current rules continuing to be supported with new releases. Good times.

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