Tuesday, 11 September 2012

WiP Tokens

Nuclear Waste
I don't normally do WiP's of Tokens because a) Tokens are not as cool as minis and b) they are a basic gaming commodity, but because I needed to get back into making stuff to play the game I thought blogging about these would help; well help me get kick-started (yet again!) at the very least.

While fixing some gaps on some Ninjas and Sensei, and while realizing there are plan that I have had unfulfilled for my Pulp City gaming possibly even longer than the Hadron project, it was time to get some stuff done.

Black Swamp
So on to a couple of Tokens. Now it may not be immediately apparent, but these are pretty big - 150mm or around 6 inches!

The Nuclear Waste Token is to accompany new rules for Nuclear Jones, while the Black Swamp Token is something I wanted to do a long time ago for Francis Gator; I had cut some discs to do the Black Swamp Tokens a long while back, but they just did not look right. So some time last year I picked up these huge blank bases from Fenris and finally have decided to put them into use.

I have ordered a product called Magic Water which can be mixed with acrylic paint to add some pigmentation, so that will be a stage completed as soon as possible so that I can try these out next week. There will be a green hue for the Nuclear Waste and a brown sludge like colour for the Black Swamp.

Hopefully finished pics next week. The pics below show the associated minis for scale reference:


  1. Looking good.
    Got 2 thin MDF templates that I want to do similar things with.

  2. Looking very good- I don't think the pictures show how big the template is until you see it next to the figures- Huge!

    1. Exactly what i thought - that if you look at the first pic it probably looks like a 30mm or 40mm base!

  3. Starting these also got me starting some Ninjas! All good. :)

  4. Great idea and product. BTW: are the vipers and croc scratchbuilt? If so, super job. Anyways...very creative and affective.

    1. The snakes and Croc were from Megaminis I *think*, bought especially for this project, but a long while ago.

      The painting has been done on the gribblies and I plan to seal both bases tonight with Purity Seal, and hit them with the Magic water tomorrow or the day after.


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