Saturday, 13 October 2012

New Crusaders

Two issues in, and New Crusaders from Archie Comics is one of my favourite comics of 'right now'. My tastes in favoured comics can be varied (well varied within the superhero genre at any rate), extending from the dark and mature themes of books like Black Summer, Marshall Law and Watchmen, and Ellis' Stormwatch and Authority, to 'big-screen'-like books such as Ultimates, Morrison's JLA, to the off-the-wall books like Jack Staff and Xombi,  heart-felt comics such as Astro City, and populist stuff like Avengers, New Avengers and Civil War, to more sentimental and warmer fayre such as All-Star Superman (also Morrison), Mudman and even Young Avengers (it has such heart that book by Heinberg and Cheung).

Yet amid all that, give me something that captures a tone I recall from way back when I started reading comics more than three decades ago and suddenly I am very, very interested. New Crusaders is just such a comic book, informed by decades of progression of superhero comic books as an art-form, and also the varied history of this stable of characters. For parents (read: probably dads) wanting to have a comic book they can enjoy but can safely show to their kids (harder to achieve these days than it used to be, especially with DC), then New Crusaders is just such a comic book. And I for one am hooked!

Images © Archie Comic Publications 2012

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