Sunday, 17 April 2011

Salute 2011 - Round-up

First up - apologies for the lack of pics; I had my camera but forgot about using the darned thing (except to take a picture of the massive 'Advance Ticket queue'...), so just a few words instead.

I ran 4 back-to-back demo games after arriving a little later than planned; thanks to Sam and Andres (sp?); John and Johnny; Guy and Jon; Josh and Richard all for taking part and trying the game out. The demo used Sovereign alongside a number of established Supremes so was fun for me to see how different players approach things. Thanks for taking an interest guys. The game between Guy and Jon was recorded for their store site (Heroes & Legends Games of Surrey) so we may see that at some point. Thanks to to Simon and Pickles from the Pulp City Forum for saying hello, and Kenny from the Ancible too.

Later I had a wander around the centre with Maciej, talking about various lines of minis and the perils and tribulations of attending a show such as Salute or the more lengthy and demanding Gencon. We both were umming and aahing over the gorgeous SMOG 1888 stuff and more besides, and Maciej was feeding his rediscovered GW habit. For my own part I was glad to pick up some Croc Games Modern Zombies, a Tablescape stash of crates pack and later a KR case. I dawdled too long alas on thinking about buying a Maxmini monster, so missed out on that. On the Pulp City front I came away with the new release wave (Aquarius & Scorpio; Dark Solar box) as well as Sovereign and Perun. most (except the Ulthars) have been prepped for undercoating this morning. Happy days.

Pulp Monsters had a good day and Maciej plans to come back next year. They sold out of books and had pretty much the whole range except Giant Hadron (I think) on sale, including those Sovereign and Perun minis.

On the future stuff front, well perhaps most importantly for UK fans of Pulp City, they are looking into UK distribution. On the rulebook front, plans are being worked on the get the updated free download rules in place via the website, which itself is being updated. When the site is relaunched with updated features, there will be more background 'fluff' entries available, so that most current Supremes will be covered. On new minis, well there are new Grimms on the way in time - I haven't seen them, but I believe one is the 'Supreme' Grimm we have seen. There is at least 1 Necroplane green completed and a bunch of other greens for various Sub-factions close to readiness whether casting, painting or whatever. Maciej also hopes that Level 3's for most of the remaining Sub-factions will be available before the end of the year 1 one notable exception. He is also very excited about the minis he has ready for a brand new Sub-faction due to appear later in the year...

After the show concluded, I believe Beasts of War conducted a short interview with Maciej, so watch their site for that.

It was a fun day for me; different to last year as I didn't run demo games etc then, and different for Pulp Monsters as they had a firm presence. I'll be back next year I reckon, and hopefully so will Pulp City/Pulp Monsters.


  1. The couple of times I saw your table there was always someone playing, looked good for what I saw, hope it works out.

  2. I kept an eye out for your table but somehow managed to miss it, bummmer. I was looking forward to seeing the clock tower and your lovely looking paint jobs in the flesh.

    I also managed *not* to buy Chimp-Chi, Apebot & Virus, Guerilla or Dr Red & Howler, despite how much I want to get those figures. If I have any regrets about Salute they are Pulp City related.

    Next time :)

    I am glad that the demoing went well.

  3. Cheers guys.

    To sho3box - there should be UK distribution in the future so access should be viable that way, otherwise I find the postage charges from Pulp Monsters to be reasonable (only the book tends to end up costly due to its weight).


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