Sunday, 3 April 2011

Mini Update

Work on the Hadrons has been sidelined in recent days. I have taken a stab at some new Tokens (pictures soon) to represent a couple of specific Action effects, and I have undercoated the Clock Tower intended for Salute.

I have also been working on some vignette writing, and a couple of other hobby bits and pieces (finishing a couple of Ziterdes mausolea; prepping a number of non-Pulp City minis for use as Citizens), just not knuckling down to finishing any minis, alas.

Also, I am pretty excited as new Pulp City releases are imminent (I hope to pick some up at Salute), including this fellow, Sovereign a new British Supreme (right).

This painted version isn't mine of course, but eventually you should see my own take (and I am already planning a possible minor conversion).

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