Wednesday, 6 April 2011


I am pleased to be posting another 'welcome' (hopefully it means the blog is doing "something right"), even if it seems there have been more welcome posts than other content lately.

I'd like to say a very hearty 'welcome' this time to James Brewerton - thanks for signing up, and it looks that we may Follow a lot of the same blogs ourselves. Cheers James. Hopefully the blog will offer somethings of interest as a way of repaying you for Following.

On the hobby front: I have been dry brushing Little Ben a level at a time, so maybe some more WiP soon (with Salute only a week and half away!); I have started painting a tester Zombie (both to provide more Minions and also for a game Rob and I plan for later in the year - the inaugural Halloween Madness!; and I have received some more hobby stuff in the post - 3 minis from Tengu and the Vallejo Extra-Opaque paint set. Only the Hasslefree Zombie seems to have escaped my latest painters block (it never seems to apply to terrain or Tokens, just minis).

1 comment:

  1. thanks for welcome its a fine read keep up the good work.
    Peace James


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