Thursday 28 July 2011

Pulp City Painting Challenge - Update/July Summary

For anyone not following this 'thread' of my posting, I embarked on a quest (my self-imposed Pulp City Painting Challenge) to paint at least one of every (then) available Pulp City miniature before the end of 2010. I didn't succeed, but I gave it a shot. Setting the deadline probably helped me get far more painted than I would have otherwise done - I can be a slow/lazy/easily distracted painter as my main gaming buddy Rob will happily confirm, I am sure!

In all I painted 16 Pulp City miniatures before the end of 2009; another 51 minis in 2010; and so far in 2011 I have painted/finished 11 more minis for a grand total of 78.

I had set out with an aim to paint around 55-60 minis in 2010, hoping that would achieve my goal, but I think there were probably slightly more minis released than I accounted for, and a couple of months yielded particularly poor output from me.

So carrying on the Painting Challenge to this year and the first few months were especially unproductive until a better April when things picked up a little. Then the house move loomed and my output dwindled to nothing once more. July has felt rewarding after all this simply as I painted or finally completed 4 minis (although they may get a little touch-up before varnishing - I still consider them 'finished'). Looking back on older posts shows that Guerilla had base colours on at least as far back as December 2010, so at least 7 months from start to finish just for that mini alone, and maybe even longer than that.

With some waves of new releases looming, I hope to kick into gear as I seemed to at the tail end of 2010 (I think I painted 13 minis in November and December), and I have a raft of non-Pulp City minis I want to get painted for a special Pulp City Encounter later in the year to be played with Rob. So onwards with the Challenge; currently 4 minis remaining, but of course there will always be more on the horizon...

July Painting Summary
- Sovereign
- Stinger, Scorpio Fencer
- Guerilla
- Red Baron

Wednesday 27 July 2011

Red Baron

The ace of the skies.

The Red Baron was very much my ‘grail miniature’ for a long time. Once I set out to paint every single miniature for the Pulp City line, I quickly came across the simple issue that even if I painted every currently available mini, including limited splash availability releases such as June Summers which I was lucky to have, that I would not have a ‘complete collection’ if I did not have a painted Red Baron.

And so began the search.

The search was not so dramatic as I try and make it sound. Basically posting on various fora periodically, saying I was looking to get hold of a copy of this mini. Eventually I got lucky and someone was willing to part with their own undercoated copy. A deal was struck. It arrived shortly thereafter, and I needed to create a minor repair to a foot (the mini is resin) and then of course I decided I needed to finish as many other Pulp City minis as possible before starting it. Well when I realized that I only had 5 minis remaining, including one I could not start yet due to a missing part, and including the 3 Hadrons who I am still trying to work out what to do next with, then I felt it was time to get cracking, and get cracking I did. The mini was painted in a couple of days and I am fairly satisfied with the outcome as it allowed me to work on a couple of techniques (the leather shine/sharp highlight effect on boots and coat), and I like the final colour scheme.

I have not gamed with the Red Baron yet, and he will probably be relegated to specially devised Encounters simply as he is a powerful proposition. When I do game with him, have no doubt a suitable Battle Report will follow!


The Pulp Citizen is pleased to welcome its 70th follower - thank you to Kombine for signing up! Hopefully a sign that awareness of my favourite game continues to grow.

Kn owing Kombine is Brit-based, I just wanted to highlight that I wish there was UK-based distribution for the game, since I think t would help it grow. I know there are moves afoot to try and address this, so hopefully that will come to pass.

Once again to Kombine and anyone else signing up - cheers for doing so!

Tuesday 26 July 2011


There appears to be a happy (for me!) flurry of these 'welcome' posts lately, so thanks again for everyone who has taken time to sign up as a Follower.

The latest welcome goes out to kieronmulholland who looks to be another minis fan and as ever I hope I can repay the decision to Follow the Pulp Citizen with at least the occasional post of some entertainment. Thanks again.

On the Painting Challenge front, I currently have just 4 minis left to finish the range. One is missing a part, so I only have 3 I can work on. these all are in base colours, but will require some inspiration + motivation = painting time type of formula.


Guerilla works for both Villains and Heroes, the apes side with anybody who is either eager to promise them enough money or enough recognition in the Pulp City media.

Guerilla has taken a long, long time in finishing. I would start doing bits of the mini and then it would be shoved back into the back of the working shelf or area until the next time, each abandonment simply due to lack of clear idea of how I was tackling it. It has been a source of frustration that I was not able to finish this in both a timely and fully satisfactory manner, but such is the peril of a creative hobby I guess.

Now, while it looks like a very basic model in some ways, the large 'metallic' surfaces with varying textures really threw me off, as did simple things like trying to work out how I wanted to highlight bits like his boots etc. The upshot is that it has taken me months from originally applying the first base colours to recently finishing it. While I am not 100% happy, it has turned out better than it was looking just a couple of weeks ago, so it is done.

I find it ironic that Guerilla is one of the earliest minis for Pulp City, and one that really grabbed me when I saw the first previews (2007?), yet it took so long in the completion. In fact it was completed alongside some of the newest minis, and it represents the last of the Starter Set minis I had to do. What that means is that I no longer feel burdened by a back-log that included stuff that had been waiting for a long time to be painted or finished. Hopefully that will help mitigate future painter’s block – time will tell!

In game terms Guerilla is one of ARC’s revolutionary leaders; he able to work well in close combat and at range, and so can be pretty devastating. When the options to upgrade a Level 2 ARC mini to Level 3, expect Guerilla to become an even bigger threat!

Monday 25 July 2011

Stinger, Scorpio Fencer

Schooled in the mastery of Scorpio armour: a masterpiece of Ulthar craft providing the warrior with deadly blades and good protection.

I finished this one quite quickly which probably shows in some places, although some aspects of the paint-work I am pretty happy with (some of the use of sharp highlights for example). The mini sat with a base coat of dark green for a number of weeks (months?) before my recent move. As I gathered some motivation for painting again I set to work just as I was finishing Sovereign and Stinger ended up being done much more quickly than most of my minis.

I wanted the palette to remain quite tight across the Ulthar minis I have. Therefore the colourchoicess for Stinger, Scorpio Fencer would be limited, although the armour utilized a slightly different approach than that which I employed for Xyllian. I have tended to go for purple robes and cloth and green armour for the Ulthar (classic Marvel villain colours!), although Stinger lacks the same cloth options of many of the rest of the range.

In game terms Stinger is a melee specialist and interceptor – perfect for foiling close combat attacks on your more vulnerable Team-members.

Sunday 24 July 2011


Sovereign is more of an idea passed down the generations than a real man of flesh and blood.

My first new mini post in almost 2 and half months; moving house had a considerable effect on my output. On the plus side, painting/finishing off this latest batch was 'easier' than painting has felt for a while, probably due to the break I have had.

I picked Sovereign up at Salute 2011; Maciej was determined to get him ready for then and didn't fail. I even used the 'studio' version to run Pulp City demo games with on the day, and so trust me when I say he is one tough hombre.

I knew straight away I wanted a red-white-and-blue primary theme, even if I did not trust myself to accurately render a coloured version of the union flag mounted as part of his body armour - hence that painted as I continue to persevere with hopefully improving my NMM technique. Still a long way to go, however.

Sovereign is one of the first 'Direct Only' minis from pulp City, intended to be available from the Pulp City/Pulp Monsters web store and at some conventions and shows. I love the design even if it isn't to everyone's tastes; to me it strongly echoes typical 2000 AD style characters and so is a nice reflection of the difference between British and American comics characters.

Bases/Basing (2)

After my previous post on the subject of bases and basing (read it here), I wanted to mention a new manufacturer I have recently purchased from.

Model Display Products (link here)are a fairly new company I believe. At this stage they have a limited selection of offerings in round, square and round-lip styles, but based on my first buys I will pick up more from them. The bases I bought were from the rocky terrain range; at £4 GBP for 10 x 30 mm bases; £4 for 5 x 40 mm; and £4 for 2 x 50 mm they are crisply detailed, well-cast and excellent value in my view. There are only 4 ranges in the round-lip style at this time, but hopefully we will see this range expand and if the same quality and value is continued I think Model Display Products will join Fenris and Dragon Forge as my go-to base suppliers.

Saturday 23 July 2011

Ultimate Comics Captain America (Marvel)

I love the Captain America character, I really do. Being British of some Finnish and Swedish ancestry, I have no nationalistic allegiance to Cap, but if ever I wanted one super-hero to be real, to be the man to save the world, Cap would probably be that man. Of course in that I am referring to the Captain America established in mainstream Marvel continuity whom I first read about in the early 1980's in issues of both his own comic and later the Avengers.

This is not that Captain America. And the character is probably more entertaining for that fact.

Marvel's Ultimate universe was established over 10 years ago and after success with first Ultimate Spider-Man and then Ultimate X-Men, Ultimates followed - basically the Ultimate version of Marvel's Avengers. Amongst the line-up was the Ultimate version of Captain America and from my first exposure I loved this different take. The Ultimate version of Cap emphasizes the soldier aspect over the super-hero of Marvel's original super-soldier; he epitomizes certain conceits of the Ultimate universe where super-humans are potential Weapons of Mass Destruction and the world has been involved in an arms race to create such viable assets.

This storyline plays out strongly in Ultimates 2 and may be something I post about at some other time. In addition Ultimate Cap is able to play the man-out-of time character aspect that doesn't really work anymore in the regular Marvel universe since that Cap has been so-long established. What we have is an old-fashioned and very un-PC super-human who does things his own way - kind of like the public persona of Clint Eastwood in Brad Pitt's body with super-powers.

So after that preamble we come to Ultimate Comics Captain America, a four-issue mini series recently collected into hard-cover (I presume the paperback will be available now or soon). As with UC Thor previously, this no doubt was designed to pick up on buzz for the associated movie. Regardless of that decision, I think it is a worthwhile book. Jason Aaron writes Ultimate Cap as mostly recognisable from the Mark Millar blueprint (although maybe a little more potty-mouthed than I recall), while Ron Garney offers some very dynamic and action-filled art. The plot centres on Cap's hunt for a rogue US super-soldier who fell off the radar during the Vietnam War. The story is shot through with concepts and imagery recognisable from Vietnam war films (an antagonist that can be seen to have parallels with Kurtz from Apocalypse Now/Heart of Darkness) and recognisable soldiery/war imagery (one issue cover recalls the classic image of helmet resting on upturned rifle).

The emphasis is strongly on the soldier element of the super-soldiers involved. The plot is fairly recognisable as being about two men with similar backgrounds both coming to represent polar opposites in the roles they cast for themselves and the objectives they have. Along the way Aaron as writer shows a Cap that is not ignorant of the fact that the world he awoke in after decades in suspended animation is not the one he left. He presents Captain America as a man who is principled and determined and ultimately heroic, while communicating that the guy can kick ass. A fun read and mostly in-keeping with the Ultimates canon that I have enjoyed (Ultimates 1 & 2; Ultimate Comics New Ultimates; Ultimate Comics Ultimate Avengers 1, 2 & 3; Ultimate Avengers vs. New Ultimates; Ultimate Comics Thor). For anyone who has enjoyed those stories but not picked this up, then I thoroughly recommend Ultimate Comics Captain America.

Image copyright © Marvel Comics

Friday 22 July 2011


Another surprising (to me) 'welcome'; this time going out to embitteredsoul. Despite lack of substantive new content from me, it is a pleasure to see yet another follower sign-up to the blog so a big thank you for doing so.

On the painting front I have finally finished Guerilla - it has seemed arduous at times to get this one done; I am waiting until I have finished Red Baron also before photographing these along with the already finished Stinger, Scorpio Fencer and Sovereign.

With finishing these minis (when Red Baron is finished, that is), it looks as though I only have 4 outstanding minis to complete the full range. of course the next wave will rectify that situation (Loup Garou II - muscular dread-locked werewolf; Moonchild/Moon Coyote - native American were-coyote; Arquero - archer Supreme; Riposte - Supreme tactician), and when the first 'official' Pulp Monster arrives that will be a big time investment as well. Further out I am aware of around a dozen or so Supremes in various stages of development which means plenty of minis for me to look forwards to.

Sunday 17 July 2011


I was happily surprised to note another Follower had signed up to the blog; so a hearty 'welcome aboard' goes to Pacorko who describes himself as a war gaming fan of some 30 years - he beats me by around 5 years! I hope I can offer some worthwhile posting and reading.

On other stuff; progress continues on Guerilla who I am tackling in a slightly different manner than usual - breaking the mini down into small areas and finishing each one in turn which seems to b helping me make headway on a mini I had stalled with. I have also blocked out colours for the Red Baron today which was quick and easy so a pleasant change.

Friday 15 July 2011

Terror Cotta Warriors (Concept)

This is the design concept for the planned Terror Cotta Warriors, from the Pulp City Facebook page.

Although a few ideas are under consideration (whether they should have a techno look or not; ancient or high tech weapon; whether they should be modular with a number of building options like heads and weapons), this should give an idea of the final mini.

What I like is that the TCW's signal part of a subtle shift in Team-building in the game; previously it was X and Y number of Level 1 and Level 2 Supremes (with occasionally a Level 3), all of which were distinct and unique, and may have been tied to a specific Sub-faction.

However, with the upcoming Loup Garou II and Moonchild/Moon Coyote, each allows the other to be used in the same Team, despite one being Villain and the other Hero. Other specific shifts are coming as well. The ARC will have what looks to be a unique take on how to field a Level 3 Supreme with several options. And as for the TCW's? well they may prove to be a special non-unique Supreme, allowing more than one to be fielded in the right circumstances. All good stuff that should allow for some interesting but specific changes to Team building.

Thursday 14 July 2011

Aaaannnd...We're Back!

Okay, Pulp Citizen and Mrs Pulp Citizen are settled into their new domcile, which has meant the start of decorating of rooms, repairing stuff that was needed etc.

The upshot of some of this work is that I now have a dedicated room for painting and 'stuff'. What is more, in time I hope to set up a gaming table in the 'upper cave'...

So without further ado, some images from my hobby sanctuary, including some comic art from one of my favourite creator's works - Jack Staff (currently published by Image Comics and from the mind and pencils and pens of the superb Paul Grist).

In the meantime I have managed to paint/finish a couple of previously started minis in the past few days: Stinger, Scorpio Fencer (Ulthar); and Sovereign (a Direct Only mini I picked up at Salute 2011).

The sharp-eyed may just make out the two new minis on the top shelf of the right-hand cabinet where they sit awaiting varnishing. Pics for these two will follow sooner or later, and hopefully some momentum will continue.

My painting/modelling station is a bit crowded at present - it will get sorted in time I guess; maybe. I have never enjoyed the tidiest approach of painting areas - I guess my haphazard approach to painting in general is reflected in my painting area.

Hawk-eyed minis fans may note an Anima Tactics box on the desk; I have picked up quite a few AT minis of late and once I am up to speed with my Pulp City collection I would like to crack into some of them (along with all my other 'projects' of course...).

Finally, we have the 'secret' entrance to the upper cave; well not so secret, but Mrs Pulp Citizen has not actually said "no" to a gaming table being stationed up there, so wish me luck....!
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