Tuesday, 23 February 2010


Just a quick post (since due to camera problems I still can't put any new pictures up, despite finishing Hellsmith today).

Before starting gaming and focusing on Pulp City I have never used resin (or metal) bases or basing components. Most of my minis were GW for tabletop gaming, or masses of Superfigs (and stuff to sit with the Superfigs). Therefore basing has long been a secondary concern.

When coming to Pulp City minis two factors kicked in to alter this mindset. Firstly, that the minis had set base sizes and they came with round lipped bases. secondly, I wanted the minis to be well presented. To that end I started acquiring resin scenic bases to mount them on, and I am glad I did. There are a number of excellent manufacturers out there, but currently I am primarily using bases from three of them. Click on the names of the suppliers for links.

Dragon Forge: (USA) I think most of my bases (especially the urban ones) are Dragon Forge. The bases are nice and simple, not overly cluttered and therefore work well with many different minis poses without much problem, in other words very gamer-friendly. The casting is superb, and the service is excellent. Another great factor is that international shipping is a cheap flat rate, and there are free items depending on overall spend, so judicious ordering is very helpful.

Fenris Games: (UK) After Dragon Forge, I probably use mostly Fenris' bases for my Pulp City minis. The do a few useful complementary ranges in a variety of sizes. Having an eBay shop means that things are not as well laid out as having a good online store, but that said they provide excellent and very helpful customer service. They also do all sorts of scenic pieces. Outside of Pulp City I will be using the Fenris 'Military Industrial complex' bases for a big (30 to 50+ minis maybe) Zombie project (this won't be specific to Pulp City, but I expect Zombies to pop up in some Pulp City games from time to time).

MaxMini: (Poland) MaxMini offer some bases tailored to specific Pulp City Supremes. They are nicely done, the only downside for me being that each is particularly unique. This may not be a problem for others, in which case I give them a high recommendation, but it means thematic basing tends to be lost. They also do some great little bits for conversions.

There are other suppliers like Micro Art Studio, King and Kerr and PK-Pro and lots of others, who I have yet to try, but with the three I talked about above my basing needs are pretty much covered.

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