Tuesday, 23 February 2010


Tangent is a villain with a mysterious motivation. Her mutant special ability is truly unique. Her brain sees the world as an intricate network of tangled lines with glowing red points - the weak spots. After the subconscious analysis is completed, she swings the gun and the bullet hits the bulls eye.

Tangent was surprisingly quick to paint. Although James van Schaik is without doubt among my top 3 favourite sculptors (working for any manufacturer, not just Pulp Monsters), I was not overly enthusiastic about this mini before painting it. Not due to the quality of work, just that out of 40 or more minis in the range it doesn't make the 'top ten' of my favourites, as it were. That lack of enthusiasm changed as I discovered it was nice and straightforwards to paint, and so was able to get it finished fairly quickly, which is always rewarding and heartening. Which of course elevated my opinion of the mini - so apologies to Mr. van Schaik for not seeing the potential of a nicely constructed and crisply executed mini sooner. Looking at it now I need to work on my (human) flesh tones, but that will come, I hope.

In game play Tangent has a unique and fluid in-game resource pool allowing her to enhance her own capabilities, which adds a layer of complexity, which in itself should be interesting when I try her out in games.

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