Sunday, 28 February 2010

February Painting Summary

Second full month. Last month was less successful than I hoped, and in turn I had wished for a better outcome for February, a month in which I hoped to paint at least 5 miniatures. I managed 6, so I am quietly pleased. In addition I have put base colours onto 2 more, and another is near to finished.

This month I painted:
- Tangent
- Six Feet Under
- Hellsmith
- 2 Sentry Bots
- Advanced Sentry Bot (Sentry Bot with the backpack added)

Due to camera problems I have only photographed Tangent and Six Feet Under, but I am happy with the results of all of the minis I finished. I am still determined to press on with the challenge to help me get my minis finished. Hopefully March will be another successful month, although time will be both more plentiful in some ways and more limited in others.

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