Wednesday, 3 March 2010


My latest welcome aboard goes to the tenth Pulp City follower, Lee.
As always I hope I can repay the kind soul who joined by posting something of interest from time to time.
Really, I offer thanks for anyone joining, and to everyone who happens by, I really appreciate it.
There are a few who have joined now, and as ever I am glad to have feedback or commentary.
I would also remind anyone visting that there are some great, weird and wonderful blogs out there that may be worth a look from time to time (my list keeps the most recently updated examples that I follow).
Now, back to painting and writing I hope!


  1. Loving the blog - really like your writing style. Ego-boosting flattery aside, keep it up and just make sure you write more about mutant zombies from the future with scary voodoo mind powers. Or nuns. Now get back to painting something.

  2. Love the Mekon icon!

    Painting isn't the issue right now, mate - photographing is...


    Thanks for the kind words. There is another blog that may be of even more interest in the next few weeks.

  3. Nope. Couldn't find anything hidden in there...

  4. I have made a note about the 'mutant zombies from the future with scary voodoo mind powers' - I will promise to try and write s hort story about that very subject this year! How about that for a challenge?


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