Sunday, 28 March 2010


Crazy Australian surfer? No, wait, he learnt how to ride the waves in Hawaii! Is he truly a water elemental? Why is he evil? Is he evil?

Another James Van Schaik sculpt - and as I have posted before, Mr. Van Schaik is certainly one of my very favourite sculptors (more on that at a future date). Seabolt is yet another great creation from him, and was certainly a fun model to paint.

Due to the way the model is sculpted, I needed to select a base to fit easily. Most of my villains are on rubble/urban debris type bases, which wouldn't work to mount Seabolt, so he ended up using a base sold by Maxmini and aimed for use with the Solar mini.

Seabolt formed the basis for one of the Supreme Genesis competitions - entrants had to create their own version of his his background and origin. I didn't win, but I really enjoyed that the competition took place.

In game play Seabolt is pretty devastating, and can cause some havoc to an unprepared opponent (my main gaming buddy used him very effectively against me in our most recent game!).

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  1. He's cool mate!
    I still definately want to get ahold of him....


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