Sunday, 28 March 2010

More Street Furniture (2)

A handful of street furniture models and a couple of cash bags useful as objective markers.

(Left/centre) - trash cans, mail box, concrete bench; all Megaminis
(Left) - cash bags; bonus bits courtesy Pulp Monsters (not in current production)
(Middle) - blue newspaper vending machines; RAFM USX Moderns range
(Centre/Right) - mail boxes, fire hydrants; Black Cat

Of the Megaminis, RAFM and Black Cat stuff, the Megaminis is easily best for quality of sculpt and casting, and does well for value also, so I highly recommend them. RAFM suffered for mould slippage and lack of surface detailing, while the Black Cat stuff was all badly cast (the mail boxes are resin, the fire hydrants are metal).

See the small image (left) for scaling of the Megaminis stuff alongside a couple of Pulp City minis.

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