Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Street Violence/Zombie Buildings Blog

I stumbled across this blog (here) today, and I am glad I did. The guy's stuff is great to look at and in time I hope to be able to emulate some of his work for my own modern urban gaming.

For anyone interested in such gaming buildings, it will hopefully be a good blog to follow.

The same blogger has a separate blog centered on his Old West-style buildings, which is more comprehensive and just as inspirational in its own right (link here).


  1. wow!
    both awesome! I really need to get cracking with my own western stuff........

  2. I played a game with the Black library western rules a few weeks ago and really enjoyed it.

    My main gaming buddy and I agreed to each take on building up minis and terrain for a game (me Pulp City, he Legends of the old West/cowboys), and it has worked out well I think.


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