Thursday, 25 February 2010

Supreme Genesis

One of the things I love about Pulp City is the degree of interactivity that it's creator offers. Not in a fully (de)constructable manner, but instead that fans are encouraged to participate in the growth of the game in every sense.

In one way this is through the accessibility of the rules (free download) and the presence of the creator(s) on the Pulp City Forums.

Another, possibly more intriguing avenue, is the use fan-participation contests run by Pulp Monsters. These contests fly under the umbrella name of Supreme Genesis. The first contest (Supreme Genesis: Issue 1) was a character creation contest, which gave rise to the introduction of Father Oak and Acorn to the Pulp City mythos and mini range.

This was followed by Supreme Genesis: Year One. In this contest fans on the forum were able to vote for which of three characters they wished to see 'evolve' into a new form. Solar 'won', meaning we will eventually see Dark Solar released. After this came Supreme Genesis: Who Is Seabolt? wherein participants were given the chance to write the background of an upcoming model in the range. The winner was voted for by the forum members.

Next up were two concurrent contests, Supreme Genesis: Issue 2 - Battle For The Rooftops! and Supreme Genesis: Issue 3 - New Mutant Kids on the Block! The former was geared towards 'street level' duos whilst the latter was about creating adolescent trios. We should see the minis from these two contests this year (hopefully), possibly the first of them as soon as May.

The prize in the character creation contests has been copies of the minis and the kudos in creating them, which is a great little prize in my view. The Seabolt prize was an advance copy of the Seabolt mini (as well as Boreas, I believe).

The point is that I love this interactivity. I may not have been successful in the contests so far, but that has just spurred me to try harder and think better about how I approach them. I hope we see a Supreme Genesis 4. I honestly have no idea what form it would or could take, but I have started working on a raft of diverse concepts just in case.

If you are interested, take a look at this section of the forum: here. It may be worth checking out from time to time to see what other contests may follow.

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