Monday, 8 February 2010

Gaming Locations

The following is not my work but gleaned from various forum posts to give a flavour of what kind of terrain and battlefields can work well for the game.

As others have said, anything super heroic/urban will do. The locations in the printed book are:

Down Town: high-rises, business quarters, a mix of Chicago-architecture with LA climate and vegetation.
Big shiny futuristic building of Heavy Metal HQ, sandy beach and luxurious marina.

Newport: docks, slums, gang wars and crime lords, world of gambling, smuggling and blood sports.

Little Asia: this cozy little tourist district turns into a battlefield when night falls. It is a constant conflict of various ethnicities fighting for supremacy.

Outside the city:
Necroplane: Crooked mirror of our world, big graveyards forming cities, feudal country, blasted landscape with red rocks. Hellrock, the prison-town and the gathering point of military invasions, that's where the harvesting ships dock.

Grimm Undercity: Tunnels under Pulp City ridden with dwarvish Grimm, blind creatures ruled by a human.

Twilight Hills: the desert outside of Pulp City, a burial place of Native Americans where tears in reality happen the most often. HQ of Blood Watch who reside in the underground base built next to the first collapsed gate to Necroplane. These hills don't have eyes but are haunted.

Kodo Island: Several dozen miles of the Pulp City coast, a hidden island that serves as the HQ of the devilish Mysterious Man. The island is shrouded with artificially created clouds and guarded by extinct marine and flying beasts and everything else MM stole from the US military. The island is covered in lush jungle and creations, successful and failed alike, of the genetic manipulations make sure your Supremes will be entertained.

Ulthar Patriaships: Shaped like 12-tipped stars, these invasion ships represent the caste division of the society.

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