Thursday 30 January 2014

Pulp City SE Kickstarter Is Go!

We launched just over 90 minutes ago and are underway!

Wish us luck!

Wednesday 29 January 2014

Primate Of Science

It has been a while since I last painted a Pulp City mini, over three months in fact - I need to rectify that!

I think the reason that this has sat waiting to be finished for a while is that it is so...yellow. (I thought I would point that out for anyone who hasn't noticed!). I ended up using Army Painter yellow spray for the undercoat and touched up with the matching colour, and once I properly started it was not too onerous.

The Primate of Science's main function is to buff certain Science ARC Supremes and an ARC Team in general. Therefore to maximize his value, he is ideal in a Team including Dr. Red, Silverager, Howler and even Virus (but where Virus goes, Apebot should always follow...).

It is always nice to get another mini in the range painted, and this makes 117 painted Pulp City minis for me! I have Red Bella underway and did a little more work on her last night. Time to get to work on some other Pulp City stuff methinks.

Of course the next month is going to be pretty busy I guess for the Pulp Monsters team...

Monday 27 January 2014

Pulp City SE Kickstarter

The Kickstarter is on its way, and we plan to launch in a few days time - January 30th, at approximately noon EST (USA), or 5 pm UK, 6 pm central Europe.

The core goal is aimed to allow us to get the new Pulp City SE book published, as well as new cards for every existing mini in the range, plus a fair few new ones!

The game has evolved from its original pdf version, through to the printed Guide published in 2010 which refined the pdf version, to what we are looking to launch this year: Pulp City Supreme Edition.

Pulp City SE is designed to make for faster playing games, and to be more 'friendly' to casual or new players, but without losing the depth of the previous incarnation - no easy feat, but we think we have done it! In the old game things used to slow down a lot as soon as more than small handful of minis were in play. this time we think that players can still play at the old game sizes (Encounter Levels), but can more easily play with more minis if they so choose.

2010 Guide
There will be stretch goals of course, and as this is a minis game, you can guess that some will be minis! There have been some hints on the Facebook page, but suffice to say, the more successful the project is, the more we can unlock.

The new Starter Sets will be launched within the Kickstarter. 4 brand new Supremes: Heroes Tekkna and Wildman; Villains Aurelius and Anansi), and 2 new sculpts of old favourites (Ace of Wraiths and Nuke)

There will also be a Kickstarter-exclusive sculpt of John Grimmsham, nefarious Leader of the Grimm. Of course, as he is a Leader, he will need reinforcements with models to lead...

2014 Pulp City Supreme Edition
If things go really well we are looking to add some more big guys to the line-up - more Powerhouses!

And we have a few other cool ideas for stretch goals if we get there; so hopefully something for everyone.

Hopefully I will have some more updates in the next couple of days.

Tuesday 14 January 2014


Another 'welcome' post, this time to Warlord Paul of the Black Hole blog (click for link), a blog I will now be Following. Whether I succumb to warlord Paul's ethical mastery of the interwebz remains to be seen! I am thankful for each and everyone of you who has signed up o in that spirit, a big thanks go to Warlord Paul.

On the Pulp City front we are gearing up for our January 30th anticipated Supreme Edition Kickstarter launch. There are so many things that can impede a project like this, and we seem to have run into all of them!

If we only achieve our target and no stretch goal, that will be enough to bring out the revised edition of the game, with updated cards for more than 110 models. If it goes past that goal, then we can get some cool new models sculpted. The aspirational target is (I think) very reasonable, so i hope we succeed.

More news as we approach the launch day!

Saturday 4 January 2014


A new 'welcome to the blog post' Pulp Citizen extends a hearty handshake of thanks to Sean who has recently signed up; thanks for doing so! This is my first blog and has been running for a few years now, so I really do appreciate you guys taking time to stop by.

Stuff coming up for this year:
The Pulp City Supreme Edition (or Pulp City SE as we have tended to call it) Kickstarter *should* launch on January 30th. The stuff that has delayed this has all been technical behind the scenes stuff and not the project goals, so once launched we hope for a smooth project.

Painting, painting and maybe some more painting. I'd like to finish more Pulp City minis this year than last, especially as with the Kickstarter there will be a lot coming up if it is successful and reaches stretch goals.

Gaming; expect the usual festive Battle Reports, but I would like to get some more regular gaming in through the year for all the games I like.

Wednesday 1 January 2014

2014 - The Year Ahead

2014 kicks off and time to lay out my blog and hobby plans for the year ahead.

First things first though, which is a big thanks to everyone who Follows, who reads and most of all those who Comment on my blogs; all feedback is greatly appreciated.

Last year I planned to paint at least 48-50 minis and painted 63 (click for the summary post); good result. I actually painted a couple more as 'exchange' minis, but in hindsight, that could have been two more in to my total so no 'mini exchanges' for me in 2014 or possibly the next few years.

Last year I planned to post around 180 blog posts and hit 160. The year before was 158, so maybe that is around my natural rate of posting, around 3 per week across all 3 blogs.

So what does that mean for my blogging and hobby activity pans for the year ahead?

Painting minis and gaming is key. I'd like to paint at least 50 minis again. The reason why I have not upped that target is that I have nine months of a demanding course ahead of me on top of full-time work, so I need to be realistic. I think 50 is manageable amid that, although the target in an ideal world would be over 80 minis based on what I would like to have painted (ideal/unrealistic 2014 equals: 36+ Anima Tactics; 14+ Pulp City; 13+ MERCS; 7+ Malifaux; 5+ Batman Miniatures Game; 4+ Zombies; and 4+ Freebooters Fate).

Blogging will follow accordingly, so 150+ posts seems reasonable after the past couple of years.

If you Follow or read this blog, but not my others, it would be great if you could maybe take some time to check the others out:

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