Thursday 15 April 2010

100th Post

A bit of summing up really, as 100 blog posts seems like a mini-milestone (no pun intended...well maybe a little...).

I have been blogging away here for roughly 4 months and I have to admit I am enjoying it a lot. It has helped me think about my hobbies a lot more, which is a good thing. Take the minis side: in January I had 'painters block' - that has happened before, however in the past it has taken a lot to get past it (when the thoughts of painting dozens of models seemed pretty overwhelming), yet the change in direction of my painting meant it was fairly short-lived. I think the blog gave me some impetus as well.

On the other side of my hobbies, I have been thinking a lot about what comics I buy, whether I really enjoy all of them, and what regular purchases I will drop - being judicious is a good thing in my view.

Lastly, my starting to blog was inspired by my best mate (Rob) and his own blog (Four Colour Super Minis: check it out here), and starting it has in turn led me to find some fun and informative blogs that are out there.

So for me, so far, so good; I am enjoying my time, and I am chuffed to see a growing number of followers - thanks to all for being aboard - so let's see where the next 100 posts go.

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