Monday, 11 January 2010

Paper Terrain (papercraft scenery) 2

A couple or more extra links on the subject to add to those from the earlier post.

Miniature Wargaming - this link goes to a list of over 250 links to various papercraft options. Somelinks are dead though, and some I have already sourced in the previous post. That said, I thought that it worth looking closely at the links since there is no particular order to them. Happy hunting. - another collection of links. Probably a lower yield of useful stuff than from Miniature Wargaming's vast array, but that depends on tastes. Again some links are dead, but the site is worth a look if interested.

CG Textures - for those wanting to try their hand at creating their own paper terrain, this link has masses of differnt textures to use for free. Their are also some tutorials about using the textures to create or achieve different effects with various software.

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