Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Working On...

I picked up a parcel at the Post Office depot today; inside were some minis, some cards and a book. And among those minis these:

Giant Hadron is a 'Direct Only' item from the Pulp Monsters web store; there will soon be more Direct Only items to add to this. He comes with a plain 80mm base (far right of picture), but I'll be using a Fenris base (far left) with self-made inserted texture in order to match the giant Reaper ape I painted a while back. The Captain Hadron and Mini Hadron are included to give a sense of scale. I am hoping to crack into this project in the next few days. The Challenge grows anew!


  1. Looks like a beast of a "miniature" to work on!

  2. Yeah; clean-up has taken longer than planned and been sidelined a little...for now. :)


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