Monday, 30 July 2012

Giant Hadron & Hobby Update

Blue repainted to turquoise
I have not painted much at all in recent months. There have been a few distractions, some good and some that are just time-draining and ultimately have not served much purpose except distraction itself, so consequently it is time for me to re-focus.

In the column marked 'Good Distractions' has been working with Maciej and Devon to develop Pulp City Supreme Edition. We have over-hauled the game engine to hopefully open up what can be done with the game. This has been time intensive to say the least and has probably occupied hundreds of hours for each of us: of individual writing; revisions; and then group debate via email and Skype. More on that when I can.

Also the new Pulp City website is near to arriving. It will be different, it is different to the old site, but has the advantage that the Pulp City Team can easily edit and add content, something that was not easily done previously. Already new fluff is uploaded and there is more to come.

Old blue colour
Okay back to my hobby stuff. My Hadrons just have not been finished. The latest drag besides loss of time to other stuff, is that I was struggling with the blue areas, especially on the large version. So I resolved that the next Pulp City minis I complete has to be this set, and to that end I have over-painted the blue with turquoise which has had a first rough highlight and already I am happier. Hopefully these will get done!


  1. Great job on the mini, must be very exciting all that game development!

  2. Still a way to go on Giant Hadron, but hopefully there is new-found momentum.

    The games development thing is exciting and in some parts frustrating; you fix one clear problem or address a clear ethos and then realise everything has its limits or consequences. But we do really believe that the new Supreme edition will be a fast-playing game with a solid set of mechanics that make sense.

  3. Hadron is looking great.
    And Im sure all the work you have put into the rules will be worth it!

  4. I like the new blue- I just want to see this project finished-it's bee soooo long. Keep up the good work!

    1. Will be pressing ahead; mixed up a batch of intermediate colour to make it easier to highlight.


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