Wednesday, 18 July 2012


A new 'welcome' post, and one that is overdue for a while; so a hearty 'welcome aboard' to lamby23, and apologies for the tardiness of the welcome! I honestly appreciate anyone taking the time to sign up or visit the blog, so a big thanks you for doing so, and of course everyone gets a shout out when the do sign up.

So what have I been up to that is keeping me so busy? Well writing for one, and some gaming.

My involvement with Pulp City is as passionate as ever, but the funny thing is, that the deeper my involvement, the less public that involvement appears.

I first happened on Pulp City via its Forum back in 2007. Then I drifted away, to return when the line had grown - and when I returned it transformed my approach to the minis hobby; my painting, my modelling, basing, all of it. And bit by bit I went from fan to play-tester to where I am now, which has seen me working with Maciej (the game's originator) and Devon (dedicated gamer, fellow Pulp City fan, and author of the forthcoming Monsters rules which will be a free pdf at some point) and Melvin (artist and graphic designer), in developing the rules to be hopefully faster, better, more fun and less arcane as skirmish games can often unintentionally become. Rob and I have a few play-test games under our belts, and even getting to grips with changes we found it to be much faster and smoother playing, for reasons which will become clear in time.

The point I guess is that the blog has been around during my journey from committed fan (or at least Rob thinks I should be committed, to an appropriate institution!) to someone helping develop my favourite game. The Pulp Citizen blog will be staying around, but I just wanted to explain why things have been a little quite. My fervour has not dampened, but my energies have been directed into specific areas. Once the next stage of the overhaul is complete, I hope to get back to minis painting and Battle Reports with gusto. Stay tuned!


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  2. Thanks for the welcome! glad to be aboard, I look forward to seeing more of your interesting updates in the future.

    P.s Sorry for the double post, the first comment was full of spelling errors (mind working faster than fingers!!)

  3. No worries! Glad to have you aboard. :)


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