Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Shadow Mask

Chronin still keeps the Shadow Mask’s finely crafted blade. She is fully aware that in the Green Emperor’s court, there is always a Shadow Mask and one day, he or she will come to reclaim the sword along with Yuriko’s life. But she will be more than ready.

In the background of Pulp City there have been many Shadow Mask's, personal agents of the fearsome Green Emperor. The fledgling Hero called Chronin dispatched a previous Shadow Mask, and now another has arisen to take on the mantle. yet this one is possibly deadlier and certainly more feral than his predecessor.

 My painting has been slowed by a combination of working night shifts (never conducive to my painting it seems) and engaging in bits of writing and development work. So even though this is not the best paint-job I have done, I am still quietly pleased that it is finished. I have decided that I will try and include at least a flash of the same green colour across all the Jade Cult that I do, and I may go for a 'black and green' scheme for the whole Team to help tie them together. I have a Ninja Sensei coming up soon that will hopefully help firm up that idea.

In game play Shadow Mask is all about sneaking up on enemy models then bringing some brutal attacks to bear. I need to probably pick up another so I can do a Shadow Double (one of his Exclusive Actions which allows a second self to appear; the double is likely just going to be a dark grey mini with basic highlights).


  1. Awesome looking Shadow Mask.
    Had the same idea for the Shadow double. But going black instead of grey.

  2. Cheers Hendybadger; not perfect, but I am reasonably happy with how he turned out.

  3. I'm a fan of the light hair colour - it gives a nice point of focus to a dark coloured palate, especially important as the face is partially covered by the mask. Nice work!

    1. Thanks Tea Urn; I was umming and aahing about doing dark hair, but then the light hair just seemed the obvious choice after painting the rest of the mini. Glad you like it. :)


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