Wednesday, 24 April 2013


A hale and hearty 'welcome to the blog' to Anne O'Leary, the 127th Follower of the blog. Thanks for signing up Anne, and thanks of course to everyone else who has signed up. And a huge thanks to my main gaming buddy Rob, for if he had not started blogging, then I would not have been inspired to follow suit.

Looking back at my very first post almost 3 and half years ago, I can see that the blog has changed a little over time - probably featuring less tangential 'other stuff' than I had intended, and of course as I have transitioned from passionate fan to being involved behind the scenes that has had an impact on my hobby.

Well after Salute I am determined to get more Pulp City minis painted, and hopefully as many new games in as possible. I hope to demo SE at a local club and FLGS so watch this space. On the painting front: this week I have prepped the Primates of Power; Red Bella; and Slug Muldoon. A few others await prepping like 3 Terror Cotta Warriors; Green Emperor; Green Serpent; V.H. and Blacksmith. I also have a Grimm Elder and Night Fright and Leeech in the painting queue. I want to make sure I have painted 4-5 Pulp City minis by the end of May. Time to get cracking!


  1. that's not have bella and the primates...... :p

  2. Thank you so much for the warm welcome. You are a fantastic painter and I hope to learn from studying your work.


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