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Welcome To Pulp City

Some of the Supremes that inhabit Pulp City
The blog has been running for some time now, and while there are over 100 people Following, I realised it has been quite some time since I offered any kind of overview of the game for those who may like the look of the minis, but are unfamiliar with Pulp City the game.

I am particular going to talk about the game in context of Pulp City Supreme Edition (also known as Pulp City SE).

Pulp City - Super-powered Action

Pulp City began life as a game of super-powered action and has grown to encompass a range of somewhere around 100 minis and counting (just look above for some of the offical paint-jobs for some of the minis).

The minis represent Supremes (the super-powered Heroes and Villains of the game) and their Minions (think goons, robots, and other henchman types of things).

The game has a ton of influences. From comic books and super-hero movies; pulp novels; 80's action movies and action TV; fantasy stories; science fiction; wuxia and martial arts movies; and much more besides.

It is a game with something for everyone, and a game that has tons of scope to build the kind of team you want. If you don't like playing a specific Sub-faction (like Heavy Metal; Blood Watch; Ulthar; Necroplane  etc.), then just play as Heroes or Villains.

Pulp City - All Action Skirmish

The game is built around the idea of Supremes (and to a lesser extent Minions) being able to to lots of things, but placing the choice of what they do on the controlling player.

Teams are made up of as few as two models and basically can play up to any mutually agreed level.

Games are fast paced with lots happening even in the first Round.

Models can act (Activate) more than once per Round, meaning games are dynamic. Pretty much any terrain on the board can be trashed as titanic battles take place - the game environment is truly interactive.

Players alternate Activations back and forth, and some actions allow reaction to the opposing players Actions - there is very little down time in real terms.

Plots encourage models to move to achieve objectives. This is no game of static gun-lines, but of decisive action.

There may be no other game where you can see a character like Silverager pick up a hapless enemy Supreme, perform his Spinebreaker Action, then hurl the victim at yet another enemy!

Supremes fire energy blasts; throw cars across the battlefield; run at enemies at break-neck speed  climb walls and whatever else we can devise as designers.

Pulp City is a sandbox where anything and everything can happen.

Pulp City Teams

Pulp City is a permissive game; Teams can be made from Sub-factions (for analogy think Avengers;  Justice League; X-Men; Brotherhood of Mutants; Sinister Six; etc.), or can simply be a lose alliance of your favourite Heroes or Villains from the wide range of Supremes Pulp City has to offer.

A Team could be formed of models from a single Sub-faction like from the Jade Cult shown here - then certain options come into play; for example, taking the Jade Cult Leader (Green Emperor) allows you to take up to 3 Terror Cotta Warriors in your Team. Whenever Green Serpent takes to the field, at least a couple of Ninjas are always in tow. And if you have enough Minion points to spare (Minion Levels), then you could more Ninjas for a horde of assassins!

Any Questions?

If anyone has any questions about the game, I would be more than happy to answer them, just post as a comment below!

Pulp City Links

Web-site: link
SE downloads (Open Beta): link
Forum: link
Web-site: link


  1. I've come across some people on LAF who talk about the game, but I know nothing of it. What drew me here was the quality of your painting and also the figures themselves. I like the genre and the game sounds good as well.

  2. Nice to see some more activity on the blog. I have my eyes on some of the new starter sets.

  3. It's a great idea to do this highlights package citizen. I know when I was looking into this game your website was an absolute treasure trove of information. I'm now a very happy player.

    I'd highly recommend people check out the comic book style battle reports on this blog too - they may be the old game, but the spirit is still very much the same :)

  4. Hopefully some new SE battle reports in the next few months!


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