Monday, 16 April 2012

More Mugs!

Okay, okay - this could get out of hand...

This pair were produced through Printster and they have images both sides as can be seen in the pictures.

Since I am more satisfied with this set, and these give me a Hero mug, and a Hero/Villain mug, I think maybe I need a Villain mug to complete the available options. Any hobby visitor to the Pulp Citizen's lair for gaming will be accorded all 'drinking from the mugs' opportunities!

So I just need to decide on a suitable Villain - any suggestions?


  1. Replies
    1. Cheers - may see you at salute for the 1pm to 2 pm meet-up! :)

  2. Love the mugs. How about Mysterious Man?

  3. Is that the full artwork for Blacksmith by any chance?

    Nice mugs btw

    1. *cough*Saying nothing...*cough

      Cheers - I like them too. :)

      Catch up at Salute?

    2. I didnt see a thing!

      Definatley. Looking forward to Salute.

      As for the Villain mug, I would vote for Dr.T


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