Monday, 23 April 2012


Back to back 'welcome' posts - this one goes out to Obscure Creations who has signed up, and thank you very much for doing so.. I hope that obscure Creations finds something of interest on the blog, but then I guess that goes without saying. Thanks again.

On to my hobby stuff/general update. I have a building or two I plan to photograph and post about, since one was finished a few days ago.

I have been painting Crimson Oni and have started with Shadow Mask, so maybe one will be finished tomorrow, luck permitting.

Doc Cosmos
And on another note - does anyone remember that mini I had sculpted by James Van Schaik when I wrote about having a mini commissioned (published in the Ancible; link to post here)? Well after moving house last year I did not realise that I had "put it somewhere safe" - meaning I had no clue in which box it was when I have been looking recently. After much searching, a third expedition into the attic finally uncovered the mini which I hope to get cast up soon  in very limited numbers after speaking with the friendly guys at MaxMini at salute at the weekend. It won't be a Pulp City mini per se, but it may very well see use somehow in my games!

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  1. Doc Cosmos - OOOOH I really REALLY like that one! Sweet Mate!


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