Thursday, 12 April 2012

Best Mug Of Tea Ever?

I wanted to create my own 'special' mug for ages, and in the last week I did exactly that!

Anyone who knows me well enough know I love tea. If you are reading this blog you know I love Pulp City. The results of that seem inevitable.

It may not help me win any more games, but it will be a nice tea receptacle.


  1. Cool! How did you do that, I'm getting lots of ides?

  2. That's lovely, where did you get it done?

  3. Cheers guys. :)

    Really easy; just make a jpeg and I used Moonpig, but I am sure there are lots of other options/etailers available. :)

  4. Fun functional and fancy...boy, have you stirred up the old brain-juice!

  5. That is very cool. Now I need an ATZ cup.


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