Thursday, 23 May 2013

Pulp City New Releases: V.H. and Blacksmith


Up to now I have pretty much kept to posting pics of my own minis, but I have decided it may be useful to add updates about new Pulp City releases as they come out, so starting now I will be doing that.

New Heroes have been added to the line-up of Pulp City Supremes (click for link): V.H., Leader of the Blood Watch, and Blacksmith, the guardian of artifacts in the Blood Watch vaults. The 'studio' paint-jobs can be seen to the right.

V.H.'s current edition (not SE) rules can be found here: linkBlacksmith's current edition rules can be found here: link

They follow last month's release of the Villains Green Emperor (Leader of the Jade Cult) and Terror Cotta Warrior (the death robots of the Jade Cult); the links for their rules can be found here.

I hope to get my own V.H. and Blacksmith painted up soon, but how soon is soon is another matter!

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