Thursday, 25 April 2013

New SE Card Preview - Crimson Oni

This was shown on the Pulp City website last week; the is probably quite close to how the final cards will look. The plan is that the new cards will be available as a bundle at near to cost price to make it easier for people to replace their existing cards. we know it will be a commitment to change over, but we do feel it is worth it, that the game is more accessible in terms of rules, and plays faster and more dynamically.

Crimson Oni:


  1. I've not actually played Pulp City (or any tabletop skirmish game for a while come to think of it) but, I do like the look of the cards.. Although admittedly I've not seen the older version so I have no frame of reference in that respect.

    Dynamic. Crisp, Clean and, clear. No matter how good the old material was, these are a win in my book. :0).

    1. I agree; Melvin (who designed the layout) has done a great job in my humble opinion.

    2. It's certainly worked. Even with no prior knowledge of the game I can look at the card and make pretty good sense of the vast majority of the information. That's good design work to make something that intuitive!


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