Saturday, 28 May 2011

Sarissa Precision City Block Buildings

This is a small but growing modular range of mdf buildings from Sarissa Precision. Link to City Block products here.

I haven't tried/purchased any of these yet, but I may well consider doing so in the future. The buildings offer a variety of frontage options and can be stacked with additional floors, so a lot of customisation options before any other considerations.

For a 3-storey building (single extra floor) they look to be around £20 GBP for the smaller footprint building (155 mm x 105 mm footprint; top picture), or £28 for the larger footprint (200 mm x 155 mm; middle). I think the larger footprint building would be just a little smaller than the Ziterdes Apartment buildings I already have. I can imagine that they would be able to use the core designs for stuff like a factory etc. in the future.

There is a residential City Block coming (right) with fencing and steps, and apparently a warehouse too, so the visual profile of a mix of buildings should be nicely varied. The only downside for me is the integral pavement pieces, since that won't fit with my city boards. But if playing on table of a black or very dark grey it would give instant pavement and therefore road layout.


  1. Thanks for sharing the link!

  2. Hi,
    Steve from Sarissa Precision here who manufacture these. Thanks for the write up and feedback.

    It would be possible for us to cut these without pavements on the base sections if required to suit your gaming table. A couple of people have asked for this already (we will look to add this as an option on our webstore) This would give a small 3mm wide trim around the building.

    You could also just simply not use the base and remove the location tabs from the ground floor walls. Some extra support on the inside of the corners could be added if you took this option but due to the interlocking joins on the walls if you got a good bond it would be fairly robust even without these.


  3. Hi Steve; placed my first order today, so I look forwards to having these in hand to play around with. :)


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