Monday, 2 May 2011

2011 So Far: Painting Summary

Not a productive 4 months on the Pulp City painting front (or indeed any ranges that I tackle), but hopefully I can get some momentum on the go, finishing 3 Pulp City figures in the past couple of weeks as well as one other (a Hasslefree zombie). I think I may have posted previously that in one of the months I painted nothing, but that doesn't seem to be quite the case in review. Oddly half the Pulp City minis I painted this year were done in a single week!

So far this year:
- Lady Cyburn

- Xyllian, Master Sagittarius

- Dr. Red

- Stalker
- Solar/Dark Solar
- Avatar Of The Jaguar

And on the 'painting table':
- Captain Hadron
- Mini Hadron
- Giant Hadron
- Guerilla (still there!)
- Red Baron
- Perun (base colours all blocked out)
- Sovereign (most base colours done, main coat colour shaded and highlighted)

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