Thursday, 30 August 2012


Welcome to Scotty Kahn the latest Follower of the blog. As always, I check out the blogs of anyone who joins and I was immediately impressed on seeing Scotty's Workshop (click for the link), with some bold colours and nice crisp painting of models that I like (Infinity and Warmachine among them). Then annoyance followed when I realized how quick a painter Scotty is on reading - I jest about the annoyance, but I am envious that he can achieve great results so quickly whereas i cannot sustain painting for any period of time before becoming 'distracted'.

Thanks for joining Scotty Kahn, I really appreciate it, and I will be Following your own blog with interest going forwards.

On the blog front for myself, I really do need to get some minis painted soon. There has been lots going on with working with Maciej and Devon to refine the redeveloped Pulp City rules, but as that slows down to mainly play-testing, I hope to get some stuff done soon (the Hadrons ideally, maybe some Ninjas). And as soon as those minis are cast up, keep an eye out for the contests.

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