Thursday, 27 August 2015


M.O.D. is the little Heavy Metal droid who could, and also the 126th mini I have painted for my own Pulp City collection!

I was eager to paint M.O.D. as soon as my own spoils from the KS campaign arrived, but settled on tackling a few Grimm first. Then I put a couple of colours on M.O.D. and got side-tracked by painting other minis (including Amok as well as stuff for other games). Once I finally [properly did some work, he was painted in a couple of hours in stages over the course of a day, so it was  nice to get him finished this week. The trickiest part was picking out the wire from his Walkman. I decided against trying any kind of logo on the cap simply as I had no ideas of what I wanted there, so kept it plain.

I had expected to finish Papa Zombie after Amok, but that didn't transpire, although I have made a start on the Coven Leader, and hopefully can get him finished in the next few days.

M.O.D. came into production because of last year's Kickstarter, and underscores that one of the biggest benefits of that campaign for us was to be able to add so many much-needed models to the range.

In game terms, M.O.D. is arguably the quintessential Support Supreme, yet unlike many other Supports in that he has no offensive capability whatsoever (Blood Rose and Virus excepted), which to me is a 'good thing'. Level 1 Supports are more efficient AP generators than Level 2's, but tend to be less hard-hitting. Therefore in lower Level games it is about finding the best fit when faced with a couple of Support options; larger games allow for a couple of Support models to be accommodated and their differences.

What M.O.D. offers is that his lack of attacking Actions is arguably an asset: it allows the player to focus on using him at what he is best at: repairs (Heal), and Attack and Defend buffs. This is boosted by the fact he can Activate immediately after a Friendly Heavy Metal Supreme (in the same Turn), meaning he can raise all important Shields of run a repair without losing the opportunity to attack with the preceding Supreme.

Hero, Support, Level 1, Science
30 mm


  1. Wonderful stuff PulpCitizen. Lovely paintjob and I thoroughly enjoyed your commentary too. Nice to read that you also, from time to time, swap your painting order. I know I do :-) Lovely explanation as to the little fellas pros in-game as well. I really must start painting mine and get my head around the ruleset. I'm not sure though I can start knowing you're 126 minis ahead ;-)

    1. Thanks Blaxkleric. :)

      I swap my painting order ALL the time, LOL. Just ask my hobby buddy Rob if you ever get the chance!

      I am sure you will start to catch up in no time.

      If you have any rules questions, get in touch. :)

  2. I love him. Good for general scifi too, like Judge Dredd.

    1. Cheers mate. :)

      He does have an appeal for other things - and I can see the Dredd/ABC Warriors vibe now you mention it. :) Good spot! :)


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