Saturday, 26 March 2016



Great news for Pulp Citizens – we have just added six new packs to the web-store. This sees Pulp City return to a more regular release schedule, and we will announce the planned calendar for further new releases soon – there will be some surprises, including the return of some familiar faces!

Bigfoot (click for link)

Bigfoot is a very hard-hitting Infiltrator; mounted on a 40 mm base and packing Trump Strength 6, he can wreak havoc with your foes and is an ideal addition to a Hero Team.


Pixels (which come as a pack of 3 Pixels and a Mega Pixel!) come in 5 different colours and are Exclusive Minions which start the game in play with Vector, who can then Summon extra Pixels if needed, replacing them almost as quickly as they are lost! They give bonuses depending on whether they are attached to a Friendly model (defensive bonus) or Enemy model (offensive bonus). In addition, 3 small Pixels can be combined to a single Mega Pixel, allowing Vector to then Summon up to two more Pixels!

Pixels are available in the following colours (shown in blue above; all minis in the pack are the same colour)

Blue (link)
Neon Green (link)
Orange (link)
Red (link)
Yellow (link)


  1. Shame there is no mixed colour Pixel pack. All these bright colours together would really stand out.
    Despite that, I absolutely love these new releases. Bigfoot's pose reminds me a bit of the Trollblood of Hordes but I like how dynamic it is.
    Any news on when the rest of the rewards from the first KS are shipped?

    1. Wouter, are there things you still not had sent through?

  2. Love Big Foot cool looking mini and I really like the pose. The Pixels are excellent It would be worth getting different coloured packs just for variety's sake!

  3. Bifoot is great. I know he is an independent but I can see he will have a natural affinity for ARC.


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