Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Mighty Silver Ape

Finally (mostly) finished this for gaming today, including touching up the main repairs. I am quite pleased with how it turned out, and how quickly I finished it.

It certainly isn't the best paint-job ever, but it is satisfactory for me for gaming with. So without further ado...the Mighty Silver Ape!

The mini (LOL!) is Kabaka K'Wana from Reaper's P-65 range, and as mentioned in previous posts is a big mass o' metal. The original plan had been to do a King Kong-styled dark brown/near-black colour scheme, but I thought there are probably tons of those. So then I thought about Silverager who I painted recently, and thought that colour scheme might be a good template. The is texture is deeper on the bigger apes fur, so they inevitably have a different 'look', but it gave me a useful starting point.

The base was an 80 mm recessed blank from Fenris Games. The texturing was sand for the gravel, and plastic card cut into strips and scored for the paving stones.

I went for a fairly utilitarian basing that hopefully would look okay alongside my Pulp City minis, but would allow the model to do double duty in all sorts of games and genres, including fantasy settings etc.

A comparison shot with some apes and monkeys from ARC just to get a sense of scale and size of the mini - it is truly a Beast!


  1. He looks fantastic, glad that he fixed up ok after the accident.

  2. Very nice work, fits really with the Pulp City line.

  3. I want him in my Conan RPG. I am a bit worried he might eat the PCs, geiven their track record.

  4. Cheers guys. :)

    To Rob: given our track record I think it is likely he won't need to lift a finger against us once we have concocted our latest 'cunning plan'...

  5. Any chance of a shot of him against a PC Monster?
    Really tempted by the giant ape


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