Sunday, 3 October 2010

September Painting Summary

Okay, not a good month - just two minis completed: Silverager and Jade Hawk. I have a fair few near-complete, but for various reasons (some involving Pulp City related work that will be apparent next year), painting was on the back-burner.

So not satisfactory, then.

On the upside, I have a ton of minis I want to paint for gaming with Pulp City, as well as some play testing, including a Cthluhu mini from RAFM and a Kabaka K'Wana (think King Kong) from Reaper. I am looking forwards to trying out the current play test rules draft that will allow beasts like these to take to the table. More in good time, and expect to see stuff around this next year.

To any painters out there, don't forget about the Pulp City contest from WAMP 9see previous posts); the deadline is near the end of October.

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