Thursday, 14 October 2010


Regular readers may recall last week my post (here) in which I mentioned I had received some custom laser-cut markers from Fenris Games (link), well here are the pictures I promised.

The template is designed to be a multi-size 'Blast' template; the template is 6 inches in diameter (3 inch radius) with inner rings marking 2 inch radius and 1 inch radius. I asked for those and the hole in the centre to help lining up. I also asked for the numbers to allow for clock face distribution of models or effects. I am really pleased with it as a gaming aid and a nice 'bit of kit'.

The 'Flight' markers are sized to fit neatly under 30mm or 40mm bases; my plan is to simply stack the requisite number of markers as models ascend or descend while Up, Up and Away!

Ian and Jo at Fenris did a great job, delivering the markers to my specifications, and at a price far below what I anticipated - their service was great value, and turnaround very quick, so I can imagine it won't be long before I get them to whip something else up for me.

And for those with an eye for detail; the font is Impact, the same as used on post and blog titles on Pulp Citizen, and the same font used for names on the Supreme, Minion and Resource cards for Pulp City. Sad but true that I went to that trouble...

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