Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Battle Report Preview

Rob and I played out an Invasion game today, intended for a special upcoming 'seasonal' posting (expect it in around a month or so...). No hints as to the outcome at this time.

Until the Battle Report is finished and posted up, here are some preview pictures, hopefully to whet appetites.

Click to embiggen pictures.

The game featured some custom markers made by Rob, such as this one...

The were a crucial feature of the Encounter and we knew immediately when discussing options for Tokens what they should be represented by. Expect these to get annual usage! Great work Rob!

An in-game shot.


  1. Teaser!! :D

    Can't wait for the Battle Report :D

  2. Sorry to tease - only around a month (and maybe a teensy bit!) to wait...

  3. Looking forward to this report aswell.
    Any more hints?

    Love those buildings btw


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