Saturday, 10 September 2011

Moonchild/Moon Coyote

This teenage Native American is a werecoyote, choosing between here human support form and coyote speeder form. She belongs to Blood Watch but thanks to the half of the Moon Amulet, under certain conditions, she may be fielded in The Coven.

The human-coyote hybrid form (Moonchild) was sculpted by James van Schaik, and the animal form (Moon Coyote) by Jarek Smolka. A quick paint-job this on as I painted both minis together and there is little variation of colours on offer on either.

I like to think the paint-jobs are pretty understated, but fitting I feel, and I have pretty much used the official versions as a broad template, even including a magenta half moon motif to help break-up the look of ther tunic as with the studio version.

Just as Moonchild/Moon Coyote allows Loup Garou II to be fielded as a Blood Watch Hero, so the reverse is true: Loup Garou II allows Moonchild/Moon Coyote to be used as a The Coven Villain. Lots of Team-buildings combinations available there then.

In game-play Moonchild/Moon Coyote is a Shapeshifter, with each form having some specialisation, but overall offering a Supreme specialised in Support and mobility.

Further out it hopefully won't be too long before Blood watch can field their own Level 12 Team with at least a couple more Supremes lined up.


  1. Looking good - and a nice touch to use the same base for both figured to reinforce the fact that they are the same supreme.

  2. Glad someone noticed about the base - these don't just happen by accident you know! ha-ha!

  3. I noticed them because I'm coming up to painting my bases and was intrigued by the colours you used as it looks like there's some brown in there added to the grey?

    Thought I'd best share when I noticed for those who weren't scrutinising the bases like I was - it's the little details that count after all :)

  4. I do my bases very simply; Vallejo Neutral Grey, edges with Vallejo Light grey highlights, then all washed with watered-down Gryphonne Sepia wash (GW).


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