Saturday, 17 September 2011

Dockyard Showdown

This was our most recent game. We played a mix of 2 Plots: Smackdown! and Take & Hold to see how mixing two sets of scoring would work out. The game was pretty decisive as it turned out...

The best pics are mostly Rob's supplemented by some of mine; so big thanks to Rob as always. The backdrop is new, painted by me in order to reduce the need to restrict angles/crop pictures/use Photoshop or GiMP magic to remove non-game background elements.

Click on the individual pages to embiggen them.

A win for me then, and decisively so. After 2 Rounds I thought it was all over for me as I had lost Blood Rose and taken a battering, but then things turned in my favour and with the trio of Sgt. Bale and especially Six Feet Under and Loup Garou II, I was able to tear into the ARC Supremes with abandon.


  1. Cheers Andy; I think this is one of the best Rob and I have done so far, so I'm pretty pleased with the outcome.


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