Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Dark Solar - Hero Equinox

The power of primal Nature unleashed in a Team of Heroes led by Dark Solar - the ultimate iteration of Solar/Avatar of the Jaguar.

Although I have listed this as a Sub-Faction (as with the Dead Eye team), it isn't strictly a Sub-Faction, but with Dark Solar in charge shares enough commonalities with a Sub-Faction themed Team that it is simply more convenient to list it as such.

As things stand, this can currently be an EL 21 Team - no mean feat.

Supremes pictured above:
(back row, left to right):
  • Stoner Hawk: native American Earth-controlling Hero seeking redemption.
  • Tritonious: Ulthar-hating alien-human hybrid.
  • Father Oak: parks warden reborn as a mighty agent of Gaia.
  • Guerilla: ferocious co-leader of the ARC revolution; a great fighter at range and close quarters.
  • Perun: Slavic Thunder god embodied on Earth.

(middle row, left to right):
  • Virgo: renegade Ulthar.
  • Stalker: feline companion to all aspects of Solar, empowered by ancient mystical forces.
  • Dark Solar: ultimate incarnation of Solar/Avatar of the Jaguar.
  • Harrier: vengeful mutant.
  • Jade Hawk: failed by justice in the past, she metes out her own version today.

(front row, left to right):
  • Riposte: master tactician and expert swords-woman seeking to topple her father's corrupt empire.
  • Acorn: an agent of Gaia on earth, believed to be the offspring of mighty Father Oak.
  • Le Murtiple: arrived in Pulp City from the jungles and cities he terrorised in South America; stealthy self-replicating saboteur.

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  1. Looking great as always.
    Lots of very fun Supremes in there.


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