Thursday, 29 December 2011


This 'welcome to the blog' post goes to myincubliss, author of the excellent dead lead project blog. I always take heart to see that I am not alone in my minis purchasing exceeding my minis painting, so blogs like the splendidly eclectic dead lead project are a reassuring read. Check it out.

On my own minis front, night shifts are still playing havoc with my painting focus/motivation, so little has been done. Add in a festive virus of some form (Oh joy! Shivering and sweating profusely all within the same night! That is the stuff of the festive period!), some writing distractions (some gaming-related, another Pulp City-related, and a non-fictional essay about a comic book interest of mine), and well painting fell down the list. I expect that as soon as I can purchase some new Pulp City minis I will regain some impetus.

Thanks again to myincubliss for joining up - much appreciated.

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