Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Character Cards - Pulp City SE

Figure 1
With Pulp City SE, we decided to revamp the game cards used for the different Supremes and Minions.

We set out with the design principle that as much information as needed as possible to play the model was on the card. That in turn affected how we re-engineered characters, folding Skills (we had around 60-70 or so in the old game) into the Powers, Actions, Traits and Movement Values/Types of each character, while still retaining the flavour of the character in question.

That also meant making a change in how the card was used to Recruit your Team as well as play the game. Previously, both sides of the card had the game information, meaning you had to flip the card during a game. Now one side is the Recruitment Side (top image) while the reverse side is the Action side used for gaming.

So the Recruitment Side lets you know the key information to build your broader strategy: the model's Role (what it is best at); its Level; its Origin; its Alignment; its Faction if any; how much it contributes to the AP Pool; how many Minion Levels (Minion+) it contributes; and also its base size which we included as a couple of minis have changed official base size.

Figure 2
Figure 1: Nuclear Jones is Level 2 and can be used in a Hero or Heavy Metal Team. He is a Support Supreme which means he contributes a lot of AP (Action Points) to the Pool. He adds 1 Minion Level to the Team (Minion+).

The Action Side is of course a run down of how the character can be used in an Encounter.

Changing all of this meant we had more information to cram into less space. Thankfully Melvin helped us achieve this minor miracle and we are very proud with the game cards we have.

Images copyright © Pulp Monsters 2014. 


  1. Redesigning the character cards was for sure a great Idea, I'm really looking forward to the next edition!

    1. What we hope is that the SE version will be more accessible for old and new Pulp City gamers a like by doing things like redesigning the cards. :)

  2. Replies
    1. The layout is all down to Melvin - he was the one who had to make our ideas fit. :)

  3. I'm really looking forward to this new version. The old one looked good and the setting was fantastic, but the card's actions were a little.... wordy. All made sense and fit the "fluff" but I like the way these present the information you need simply. Gives you more time to add your own "Kapow", "Whack" and "Crash" sound effects :)


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