Thursday, 4 February 2016


Another 'welcome' post to a Follower, this time to kitrok, thanks for signing up! It is reassuring to know that someone may take time to peruse the blog.

This year I hope to get more painted for Pulp City, and I would love to hit the 150 minis mark in total from the range. After the past couple of years output, that may not seem viable in 2016, but I hope to get off to a strong start and get some Minions painted up this month - I have started work on my Grimminions! If I can get those done in February I will be very pleased. I have also started work on Robo-chimp, so I certainly hope to add a few more Minion options very soon, and maybe another half-dozen painted minis in the next month or two.

From Pulp Monsters, Scarab and Bigfoot should appear in-store very soon after a number of hurdles had to be overcome, but are now surmounted!

Anyhoo, stay tuned!

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