Monday, 7 November 2011

New Upcoming Starter Sets

Following on form Hendybadger's blog post.

Early next year should see the introduction of new replacement Starter Sets for Pulp City.

There have been a few posts about these on the Pulp City Facebook page, so I thought I would collate the information that has been forthcoming so far here. starter sets coming out early 2012. Each starter will be 3 minis strong, one for each origin, and they all will be either vanilla Heroes or vanilla Villains. Each will include a new version of one of the original Supremes. They will be a perfect Lvl 5 intro to the game.

New concepts shown on the Pulp City Facebook page.



Ace of Wraiths


1 comment:

  1. I just purchased the starterset @ Crisis 2011 in Antwerp and boy those are some stunning figs!!

    It has stood on my wanted list for far to long and I'm very happy I finally got to buy it!


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