Monday, 28 October 2013

Pulp City SE: Actions & Powers

Yeti - © Pulp Monsters 2013
I plan to do a few brief articles ahead of the Kickstarter, outlining some key changes we have planned for Pulp City Supreme Edition.

Anyone who has looked through the Open Beta version will be aware of the changes, although the Open Beta phase has allowed us to refine some mechanics further.

One of the key things is we have tried to simplify the 'wall of text' that faced players when using the characters. To that end we have created 'Action Bars' that serve as a kind of gaming algebra or keyword recipe, but much easier to read than any kind of mathematics!

Basically the Action Bar says how an Action works, and what happens if it succeeds, breaking things down into key words. Some examples:
Damage 1 reduces the HP of the Target by 1
Knockback 4 moves the Target 4 inches directly away from the Attacker
Stun causes the Target to have the Stunned Condition

So Actions and outcomes of Actions are simplified. We have also largely attempted to do the same with Powers. A few were always going to be wordy, but we have tried to make each Power useful and mostly unique, while retaining a sense of flavour that suits the intended game-play of the character.

The upshot is that we have condensed gaming data down from two card sides to one (the other side now serving as your Recruitment or Team-building data). There is also no need to refer to a long list of Skills; the relevant features are folded into Attribute values, Movement Type, Actions and Powers.

More tomorrow!

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