Friday, 25 October 2013

Pulp City Supreme Edition Kickstarter is Coming...

(Not the official Pulp City KS logo!)
After almost two years of work (twenty two months by my reckoning), we are now very close to launching the Pulp City SE Kickstarter!

Those who are familiar with the Pulp City Facebook page or the Citizens of Pulp City Facebook group may already be aware of the news, but I thought ahead of the launch I would post some news for those that do not yet know that it is coming.

Pulp Monsters is only a very small company founded by Maciej, ably assisted by Melvin, Devon and myself; it is a labour of love to the hobby and is not some all-conquering gaming monolith of a business. Moving and evolving the game is a big undertaking, which is why we have decided that a Kickstarter is the best fit to do that. What we have in mind is to draw upon everything learned in the past six years to make the best game that we feel we can. If the Kickstarter succeeds we will do just that!

If we exceed our target we can fill some gaps in the minis line quite quickly to cut down on the wait that fans of some Factions have for the 'big guy' Powerhouse models, as well as finally unleashing the Grimm as a Faction in their own right.

Our initial target goal will I believe be modest enough to achieve success, while we are confident that if it is met, we can produce a brand-spanking new hardback book, as well as updating the game cards for every existing Supreme and Minion to meet the evolved rules.

Over the next few days I plan to give further details, a lot of which have been on the Facebook page but recognizing that not everyone uses that social network.

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