Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Pulp City SE: Roles

The studio version of Tanuki
One of the new things we have added to Pulp City SE are Roles.

Roles are intended to work as a shorthand for players to indicate what kind of function a model has in-game, while also reflecting this through mechanics.

The eight Roles are:
Leader: Your boss model; capable of boosting the capability of the team, and of holding their own in a fight.
Powerhouse: The big guys; the hardest-hitting model in a team; they don't work well without the support of their Team to fuel their AP (Action Point) needs.
Brawlers: The base-to-base specialists; roll more dice against Targets in BtB.
Blasters: The range specialists; roll more dice against Targets at distance/outside of BtB.
Tanks: The tough guys; extra dice to Defend, and can take hits for Team-mates.
Support: Buffing and AP deliverers.
Speeders: The fastest models in the game; they can move more often than other models.
Infiltrators: They deploy almost anywhere on the board; these sneaky guys are useful for targeting weaker models in the back-line, and are fairly self-sufficient when it comes to AP.

So basically now it should be quicker to figure out the mix of models you want. Assuming most games are between 8 to 12 Levels, then that would probably be around 5-9 models, so most Teams might struggle to cover every Role, and therefore it is about finding a mix that suits your game-play. Not enough Support, and you may lack for AP. If you go all-Brawlers, Blasters, Tanks, and Powerhouse, then you may lack the AP you want to be effective.


  1. Replies
    1. Interesting fact : Tanuki are Oni from japanese folklore. One of their powers is the capacity to enlarge their testicles to insane sizes.

    2. I promise the Pulp City Tanuki cannot do that last one..as far as i know! :)


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