Sunday 10 November 2013


Simon recently suggested I post the Ninjas I have painted so far, so here they are.

There are five so far painted for Jade Cult (the green and black colour scheme), and three for Way of the Fist and Blade (the red and dark brown scheme).

I am using the models with tunics as Ninja Sensei, and the others as rank and file. I have at least another three Jade Cult Ninjas that I would like to paint (two Ninjas and another Ninja Sensei), so that will be a side project for when the mood and muse strikes me.

Essentially the Jade Cult and Way of the Fist and Blade are mutual enemies, and I think it could be cool to do a battle report featuring them eventually, but that might be a while off, since regular readers should know what the next battle report that is due...


  1. They look Ace mate. Even when mixed the red Ninja's could be like a special tri formation who work in concert to bring down a foe. :D

  2. nice work, especially on the black. Just the right amount of highlight.


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